How to Find the Right Personal Trainer in Dubai?

PersonalTrainer in UAE

Let us pretend that you have not seen any trainers yet.

You have not even open Instagram to see anyone yet.

Consider this your lucky day. In this article, you will find ways in which you can search for trainers in the Dubai. Finding a personal trainer in Dubai is a hard job. There are many things that you need to consider, like estimated cost, benefits, and the most important how to find the right trainer that fits your needs.

The good thing about a personal trainer is that they can enhance your workout routine, push you beyond your limit, and educate you regarding the correct workout regime.

Personal Trainer Dubai

These are some things that you need to consider before you hire a personal trainer in Dubai.

  1. Find someone who specializes in your goal

Before you even start looking for a personal trainer (PT), you must start by looking for the pitch of the trainer. At times, the trainer might portray them jack-of-all-trades, but sadly they are not good at any one trait. If you plan to get a sharp look for someone reliable themself, find someone who has competed in sports. Conversely, if you are looking to lose weight, look for someone who has lost wait themselves.

Because every trainer has its struggles, and if you want to experience real growth, you must look for a trainer that has gone the path that you are willing to travel.

  1. Private Studio

Look for a private studio on the internet. Look for a private studio near your home in the Dubai. Check the benefits that they are offering, the gym membership, and is full of people doing exercise with a happy mood.

Learning a new skill can be challenging. As a personal trainer, you need someone who keeps an eagle eye on you from your diet routine to exercise and your work regime. Surely, you will not go to Carrefour looking for nurses, so do not go to the general health club looking for personal trainers. Search and go to a personal trainer from the internet.

  1. Look for certifications

There are endless certifications a personal trainer can hold, but you need to seek for certifications that are beneficial to you. Firstly, see if they are registered Reps with Dubai. See if the personal trainer is recognized on an international level as well. Ask about the additional certifications they hold and think about how these can help to achieve your goal.

Certifications are essential because you need someone with the relevant experience of anyone who does not have the skills to accomplish your desired goals. Also, ensure that the certifications are genuine. Call the agency with which the trainer has done the certification and ask them for the reference or a cross-check to see if the trainer is genuine or not.

  1. Find a location close to your home

When you search on Google, you will get to know trainers that are close to your home. Look for those who are near your home so that time is not wasted in traveling. The distance, the rush hour, you need to see the various spots where these trainers can come quickly and give you full attention.

Plus, if the trainer is close to your home, there will be fewer charges for traveling, and when the trainer arrives, he will be fresh instead of tired just because you were smart in choosing a trainer close to your home.

  1. Of course, reviews count a lot

There is so much competition out there. Everyone is portraying to be different than others. The only way professional trainers differentiate themselves from others is by reviews. Every trainer has a page, and even if they do not have a page, there must be someplace where they are reviewed. Check the reviews before you hire them.

Google Reviews for Personal Trainer

Check on Yelp, check on Google. Wherever you find negative reviews, find what is wrong with the trainer. Maybe you will find something positive in those reviews that align perfectly with your goal.

  1. Quick response

Send them an email, call on their phone, or leave a message. How long does the trainer take to respond to you back? If it takes more than one business day, then you probably need to look for someone else. Because of the trainer is not replying within a few minutes or at least till the end of the day, it means they are probably not interested in taking more clients.

In the digital world of today, response time counts a lot. If a trainer is not able to respond to you on time, it shows an unorganized work ethic. If they get back to you quickly, it means that they are serious about the work they do.

  1. Is there a free consultation?

There is a good chance that you will find a place with excellent staff. Get to know the staff, and they might offer you some free consultation. Just like dating apps in Dubai, you need to know the trainer a little bit before you hire him. This is good because knowing someone before you hire them will add more value, and you can reach your goals faster.

A free consultation with the help you knows the trainer on a personal level. During those free sessions, you can ask a lot of questions that will help you to gauge the trainer. This is a great way to measure the work ethic and the way he interacts with you.


If you are looking for a personal trainer in Dubai, the best place is to start searching on the internet. The next best place is to look for recommendations from friends and colleagues at work.

The best recommendations often come from people who are close to you. If you ask for reviews, you will get genuine reviews, and they will be happy to share experiences that true.

Finding a personal trainer is crucial when you are serious about your health. So, when you are looking for a personal training expert.

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